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  • 11 December 2018

    On December 13 night, we will put a candle in the window of the Consulate, in memory of the victims of the martial law imposed in Poland 37 years ago. Lighting a candle refers to the gesture made by Pope John Paul II and US President Ronald Reagan, who in December 1981 reminded the world of the suffering of Polish people.

    On 13 December 1981, the communist regime introduced the martial law on the whole territory of Poland to crush the Solidarność democratic movement. Within just a few days, approximately 5,000 activists were placed in internment centers without a trial. The operation was handled by 80 thousand soldiers, 30 thousand communist police officers who used 1,750 tanks, 1,900 armored vehicles and 9 thousand cars. It included brutal pacifications of workers’ strikes at 40 large industrial plants.  The martial law lasted until 1983. As a result of the communist repression, over 100 people lost their lives.

    13 grudnia świeczka - eng

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