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  • 11 September 2018

    This weekend, September 15th and 16th, another edition of the Polish Roncesvalles Festival will take place in Toronto. It is the largest Polish cultural event in North America, gathering within two days more than 300 000 visitors. There will plenty of cultural events offered by the Consulate.

    Taking place in Toronto, the Roncesvalles Polish Festival is an annual even that had it’s first edition in 2005 and it is the largest celebration of Polish heritage in North America.  It features a large variety of traditional song and dance performances by various groups such as John Gora and the Polish Canadians.  Polish cuisine and beer tents align the street creating spaces to listen to Polka music in the air.  The street is full of food kiosks, carnival rides, street performers surrounded by the areas boutiques, restaurants and businesses. 


    The pre-festival parties kick of on the Friday before the weekend and includes a Polka Party and a Disco Polo night; and the dancing continues on the streets during the weekend. 

    Also leading up the to Roncesvalles Polish Festival is the ARTWALK.  This features an array of artists displaying their work in various shops along Roncesvalles Ave. where art lovers can promenade along the street and view various artworks in the store fronts of local businesses.  Artwork includes fine art, photography, sculpture and installations. The Roncesvalles Polish Festival invites you to a live theatre production on Pola Negri which will feature clips from her silent movies.

    The Roncesvalles Polish Festival is not to be missed! It is a celebration of Polish culture, heritage and people.



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