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  • 6 December 2018

    December 4, 2018 House passes Curry’s resolution on celebrating Polish culture Presence of more than 85,000 Manitobans of Polish descent has enriched province: Curry The Legislative Assembly today unanimously passed a private member’s resolution by Nic Curry, MLA for Kildonan, titled Celebrating Over 200 Years of Polish Culture in Manitoba.

    Through the resolution, the Legislative Assembly recognizes the celebration of more than 200 years of Polish immigration to Western Canada, the preservation of Polish culture and the enrichment of Manitoba by the Polish community. “During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tens of thousands of Polish immigrants came to Western Canada and especially Manitoba in search of a better life,” said Curry. “Our province has benefited greatly from the more than 85,000 people of Polish descent who now live in Manitoba.” The passing of Curry’s resolution comes after Polish people in Manitoba and around the world celebrated 100 years of Poland’s independence this past Nov. 11.


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