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  • Applications for providing an information about documents owned by the Institute of National Remembrance

    1. Applications can be submitted by Polish citizens.
    2. That Statute (dated 18.12.1998 about the IPN, Dz. U. No. 155, item 1016, with later changes) provides that applications submitted by foreigners can be accepted and transferred, however, until the Minister of Justice announces a list of states bound by the rule of mutuality, consular offices have an obligation to accept and pass application made by all foreigners; the decision about starting the proceedings will be made by the IPM, in the event there is no mutuality, applications will not be examined.
    3. Application forms are filled out in three copies, copy no. 1 (white) is sent to the IPN, copy no. 2 (yellow) is kept by a consular office, copy no. 3 (green) is given to the applicant. The applicant should set his/her signature on page 2/6 and in the presence of a Consul on page 5/6, and a Consul confirms this signature on page 6/6. No consular fee is collected for accepting an application and confirming the signature.
    4. General information and samples of applications are available on the website Applications printed from the internet will also be accepted. Copies made by the interested parties themselves are also admissible.
    5. The tasks of a consular office are limited to accepting an application, confirming the signature and sending it to the IPN. Applications to the IPN will be sent in the diplomatic mail.
    6. The IPN will confirm (a copy will be sent to the Consul) the receipt of a request for making the documents available or an inquiry concerning the victim status. An information concerning starting the proceedings and on possibilities to become acquainted with the documents will be sent directly to the applicant, and further correspondence will be exchanged between the interested parties (the applicant and the IPN).
    7. The Statute provides for a possibility to accept an application in the applicant's place of residence, but this possibility is limited to specially justified circumstances, among other things, the health state of the interested parties may be taken into consideration.
    8. From the moment an application is delivered, the applicant can appoint his agent who will deal will all matters connected with the processing of the application.
    9. The victim or his/her agent will have an opportunity to become acquainted with the materials that concern him/her in one of the IPN divisions, exclusively on the territory of the RP.
    10. Polish diplomatic or consular offices are not involved in any way in making the materials available to the interested persons.

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