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  • Granting power of attorney


    Persons wishing to grant power of attorney to a person residing in Poland to perform legal acts on their behalf (e.g. to buy a car, check out (“wymeldowanie”), to use a bank account, etc.) can do so by signing a power of attorney authorization before the consul. The person granting the power of attorney should come to the consular office along with a valid ID card (Polish passport or ID card, a passport issued by another country of which the applicant is a citizen) and a power of attorney authorization detailing the actions to be performed on their behalf. The consul will certify the signature on the power of attorney document in person.


    A consular fee applies in accordance with the consular fees table.


    In the case of power of attorney to perform a legal act for which a specific legal form applies (e.g. a transfer of land ownership may only be made through a notarial deed), the power of attorney may be granted only in the same legal form (power of attorney in the form of a notarial deed).


    A person wishing to grant power of attorney allowing an authorized person to undertake legal or actual actions in the interest and for the benefit of the principal (i.e. the person granting the power of attorney) may also use another form of granting such a power of attorney - through a notary. The document certified or prepared by the notary should then be legalized. More: apostille and legalization of official documents.

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