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  • 1 April 2014

    Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto and Regis College cordially invite you to see the exhibition „In Solidarity Towards Freedom” curated by the European Solidarity Centre. It presents the photographs and posters chronicling the efforts of the Solidarity Movement (“Solidarność”) and the struggle for Poland’s freedom that took place between 1980-1989 in Poland.


    The exhibition conveys the message of the Solidarity idea through the visual concepts such as the logo of the movement designed by Jerzy Janiszewski or some significant and meaningful moments captured on the photographs, for instance the delivery of bread to shipyard workers on strike or masses involved in electoral campaign of 1989.


    Classic, mostly black and white photographs follow the traces left by the activists of the Solidarity Movement on their path towards transformation. The efforts interrupted by Martial Law were resumed during the Round Table agreements which resulted in the elections of 1989. That all led to the end of the communist era in Poland and contributed to the abolishment of Communism in some other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


    The exhibition was created by Grażyna Goszczyńska, Monika Krzencessa-Ropiak, Pawel Golak and Rafał Dętkoś from the European Solidarity Centre. Among the authors of the photographs and posters there are, Jacek Awakumowski, Leszek Biernacki, Zygmunt Błażek, Anna Beata Bohdziewicz /ZPAF/, Krzysztof Jakubowski /ZPAF/, Jerzy Kośnik, Stefan Kraszewski, Zenon Mirota /ZPAF/, N.N., Janusz Bałanda Rydzewski, /ZPAF/, Leonard Szmaglik, and Stanisław Składanowski /ZPAF/.


    The exhibition is held in Regis College, 100 Wellesley Street West, Toronto.


    April 7th  – 10th         8:30 A.M.  – 7:30 P.M.

    April 11th                       8:30 A.M.  – 4:30 P.M.

    April 12th – 13th        CLOSED

    April 14th – 17th        8:30 A.M.  – 4:30 P.M.

    April 18th – 20th        CLOSED

    April 21st                        8:30 A.M.  – 4:30 P.M.


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