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  • 4 October 2017

    Polish universities were presenting their offer in Canada during the International Fairs “Study and Go Abroad” in Toronto.

    It was the second time when Polish universities, at the invitation of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto, presented the study opportunities for foreigners. The following universities took part in the fall edition of the educational fairs: University of Warsaw, Medical University of Warsaw, Medical University in Poznan, and Academy of Music in Łódź. Polish universities altogether with the Polish Consulate had a stand under the common name “Ready, Study, Go! Poland”. Over one hundred universities from all over the world took part in the fairs.

    The interest in studying in Poland was bigger than in spring, representatives of the Polish stand claimed. Both medial universities were successful. A lot of questions concerning the recognition of diplomas and the possibility of residency after coming back to Canada were asked. For the Canadian students the price of the studies is attractive. It is several times lower than the equivalent medical education in the English language. What is more, the students have the possibility to have the clinical practice already during the studies.  


    Anna Rabczuk who represented University of Warsaw said that the basic question asked by those interested in studying in Poland was the matter of recognition of a certificate of secondary education as there is no mature exam in Canada. University of Warsaw applies the rule that a Canadian with his/her certificate of  secondary education may turn to the Polish Embassy and request the legalization of the document. Subsequently, on this basis he/she may take part in the recruitment process applying to a given faculty. Medical universities have their own procedures that include exams. The effectiveness of building a brand by University of Warsaw, which is achieved by taking part in subsequent educational fairs, is visible, Rabczuk said. “There were many people who had seen the University of Warsaw before and then they came asking concrete questions. There was someone who had previously found out that there was the law faculty and then, having more precise study plans, asked about criminology. There were questions about teaching faculties as well as about archelogy. There were a lot of enquiries about engineering or mechanical faculties. It means that an offer of technical universities would be in demand,” she added.

    There are more enquires from the organizations looking for places for international students including those from Brazil. The fact of the awareness of the good quality of education in Polish colleges as well as the fact that Poland is the part of the European Union is visible. “There was a Canadian who was studying architecture in the Great Britain, he heard from his friends about Poland and became interested in the possibility of continuing studies in Warsaw,” Rabczuk said.

    The day before the fairs the representatives of the Polish colleges met with the teenagers and their parents in the Polish school at the Bishop Allen Academy.

    In the previous, spring edition of the International Fairs “Study and Go Abroad”, apart from several dozens of colleges from all round the world, eight Polish universities also took part: University of Warsaw, Collegium Cavitas from Warsaw, Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Polish Naval Academy from Gdansk as well as four medical universities from Bialystok, Gdansk, Poznan, and Wroclaw.



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