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  • 9 February 2015

    new Polish psychological thriller at TIFF Next Wave Film Festival. Sunday, 15 february.

    "The Word" is a psychological drama that takes place in present-day Szczecin, Poland. The protagonists are love-stricken two teenagers who live in the suburbs of the sea side city. Under a guise of their so-called “normal teenage lives”, a heinous crime is planned and carried out. Lila (14) lives in a well-to-do suburb with her mother and her mother’s younger boyfriend. Her father, a lawyer, lives with his new family in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite being divorced, her parents are close. Three weeks ago Lila's nightmare came true. Her boyfriend, Janek (15), kissed another girl at a party. Unable to forgive him, Lila gives Janek an ultimatum days before the end of the school year. He has 24 hours to prove his love or forget about Lila forever.



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